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Waking Room, cd
2007 Minimalna izdanja

The Ancestry Letter/Darkness Descends/Drown To Abyss/
Immersed City/The Impending Looms/Wane Moon/
A Hint Of Dawning/The Mockery In Stone



Colosseum, ep
2008 Minimalna izdanja

Colosseum/The Scourged And Crowned One/
Forsaken By Dawn/Procession



DS:vol-1, compilation
2008 Dark Scene (net release), 2008 Deadknife Records (US/CA, net release), 2009 Bleak (AT, net release)

track: Flickering Existence


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The Descent, cd
2008 Minimalna izdanja

Sepulchral Pageants/Vertebral Decline/La Chute/
Succession Of Days/The Hercules Cypher/
The Temple City Of Ankor Wath/Flickering Existence/
Mantled Savagery/In The Image And Likeness/Donum Dei


Emer, v/a compilation
2008 Minimalna izdanja

tracks: Knelling/Abandoned Landscape



Fog's Siren, cd
2009 Minimalna izdanja

Dragged Beyond Absolution/Hawser's Tie Loosed/Fog's Siren/Weght Of Guilt/The Ephemera/
Inner Moorlands/The Depot Prospect/Sebastokrator's Descent/Abandoned Landscape/
The Cornered Men/A Gaze Entangled In Trees/Sentry Shudder/Dim Light Of Day
Cable Icicles/Knelling


Reccurence, cd
2010 Minimalna izdanja

Flocks Circle Over Lowland/Undercurrent/Dormant Martyrium/Terminal Station/Concealed Thoughts/
Soliloquies Apart


Damnatio Memoriae, compilation
2010 Deadknife Records (US/CA, net release)

Darkness Descends/Drown To Abyss/Immersed City/The Impending Looms/Wane Moon/The Scourged And Crowned One/Procession/Sepulchral Pageants/The Hercules Cypher/
The Temple City Of Ankor Wath/Mantled Savagery/In The Image And Likeness/Donum Dei/Fog's Siren/Inner Moorlands/Sebastokrator's Descent/Dim Light Of Day/Undercurrent/Terminal Station/Concealed Thoughts/Soliloquies Apart


Stanar, knjiga
2012 Minimalna izdanja